About Us, NSK Dental UK Retailer

It is wonderful that the society in which we live is able to achieve more favorable progress. We at NSK feel “To create brilliant progress” is our raison d’etre – Our mission – throughout all of our corporate endeavors. The simple word “brilliant” is infused with many meanings for us, such as “complete/amazing solution,” “what people and society truly pursue,” “dramatic change in style,” and even concepts of “admirable.” The word comes with the connotation of socially ideal progress. Creation of such “brilliant” value via our “innovative grinding technology,” in which we take pride, allows us as a company to help the steady development of our customers and society in terms of deep emotion, pleasure, comfort, and convenience.

EQOH is our original acronym that uses the first letters from the four types of style upon which we place importance in the conduct and activities we engage under the NSK name. The first letter, E, was taken from “Exciting.” It represents a feeling of being excited about new challenges and creation. Q was taken from “Quality,” and it represents the pursuit of high quality.
O was taken from “Open,” representing an openness toward society. And, the H was taken from “Honest,” imparting the meaning of sincerity and righteousness. We refer to these four styles, EQOH, as the way of NSK.

Fly & Add represents the behavioral guidelines for each of us at NSK. The members of NSK engage in their jobs every day, all the while placing great importance on Fly & Add. The meaning of Fly, you know. In this case, it implies unreservedly taken on any challenge to move forward in any job or task. The meaning of Add, you also know. In this case, it implies the adding of one’s own additional value in the form of commitment and stance to one’s job.
A company is a collection of people, and it is the overall strength of those at NSK that represents the source of its strength. NSK is a gathering of people who display their abilities to their heart’s content.



Our Core represents the corporate philosophy at NSK. Our Core broadly identifies the thoughts and ideal manner of acting/existing that NSK should value in terms of the company as a whole, its various activities, and each and every member. Positioning Our Core at the nucleus, we strive to be a company with an elevated social value.



As a manufacturer which delivers to the world products which contribute to people’s health, a clean environment surrounded by lush green nature is important to us. In an environment blessed with the changing expressions shown by the flora and fauna throughout the four seasons.


Global Standard

NSK takes full advantage of it worldwide network, grasping the needs of customers on a global basis, leading to the development of new products. We develop products which meet the common needs of the global market and, at the same time, we also possess the attention to detail which enables us to respond to specific local needs.

Resource Conservation

Replaced all air conditioners with models that are 45% more energy efficient than conventional models. Installed demand monitoring equipment to manage the maximum power. Reducing power consumption in wings A, B and C by about 3%.

Voluntary Standards

Exceeded by a large margin soot and smoke emissions standards installing a new high combustion “Ace Plaza type 2 Incinerator”. Exceeded by a large margin industrial wastewater discharge standards for polishing treatment solutions.


1930 Keiichi founds “Nakanishi Manufacturing”.
1951 “Nakanishi Manufacturing” is established.
1990 An additional building is added to Shimohinata.
2000 Listed on the JASDAQ of the Tokyo Stock.
2019 NSK Dental Italy s.r.l. (Italy) is established.

Cooperate with Us!

We are expanding on a global level to achieve “design innovation”, “absolute quality”, “high cost competitiveness”, “a strong global sales network” and “first-class after-sales service”, with the aim of becoming the true No.1 brand globally.